OBS Diathermy Electrode Patient Plate Disposable OBS

OBS Electrosurgical Pad has good adhesive and conductive properties. All the materials pass ISO 9001 Biocompatible Test. It proves that our products are non-cytotoxic, without stimulus and sensitivity. For the pads, there are options of foam and non-woven fabric backing material, mono-polar and bi-polar model, upright and horizontal shape. The Patent 8 shape outline design makes the adherence to be more close and comfortable on body joints and lift bones. For the Safety model pad, the conductive gel covers over the edge of metal foil, it can avoid the burned hurt which would be caused by the connection of metal foil and skin. The Equipotential ring model pad spreads the electric current more evenly to make the surgical operation much more safety. It can reduce the pad size and fit for any direction operating.
Model: GBS

  • Match to various types of Electrosurgical Unit and Radio Frequency Unit.

  • Foam and Non-woven backing with air permeable sticker make adhesive more comfort
  • Patent 8 shape outline design fit for any part of body
  • Safety model pad’s conductive gel over the edge of metal foil, more safety
  • Equally current ring model pad make sure the electric current more equally, fit for any direction, reduce the surface of pad

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