TS8 Series Infrared Ear / Forehead Thermometer TS8 Series

  1. 3 In 1 Special Design:  This device includes the function for measuring Ear Temperature, Fore Head Temperature, and Ambient Temperature.
  2. Time Indication:  This device also has a clock Function
  3. Power-On-Self-Test (POST):  For each power-on, this device will process self-test automatically.
  4. Probe Cover Free:   More accurate. It can eliminate the problem of transmission deviation due to the cover's material.
  5. Waterproof Probe Design:  Easy to clean. Users don't need to worry about inter-infection.
  6. Automatic Calibrating Production System (ACP):  To ensure consistency of all products manufactured, we apply this system to our manufacturing process.
  7. User Friendly:  Due to our unique design of the measuring software, users don't need to have special skills to operate this device
  8. 512 Times Measuring Scans Per Second:  By using this unique technology, users can get their precise ear or forehead temperature in merely 1 second. It's a breakthrough in this industry.
  9. Big LCD Screen:  It's easy to read. This advantage is especially benefit to elders
  10. Power Saving Design:  Auto power-off after 1 minute idling to ensure battery life.

Overall Dimensions 34mm (W) x 110.5mm (H) x 23.5mm (D)
Temperature Range 10°C ~ 50°C
Function ·         Ear Temperature
·         Forehead Temperature
·         Ambient Temperature
·         Clock
Response Time ± 1 second
Waiting Time 0 second
Accuracy ±0.1˚C
Display Mode Easy-to-read 4-digit LCD
Battery 3V Lithium CR2032 battery
Quality Standard FDA K010462
Health Canada 60349

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